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Areas of expertise

Rapid prototyping / PoC (proof-of-concept) creation

In our team we understand that time saving means cost saving. We are trying to achieve client focused approach, but never hesitate to say our opinion.

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Scalable production systems

We have also expertise in a field of fully scalabel systems build upon scala and akka.

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Web / Mobile app development

Different challenges require different solutions. We have experience with the full range of latest technologies.

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Everything we create is baked by right security solutions.

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API Design

We use best practices for API design with emphasis on simplicity and sustainability.

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Hear from the customer


Spotibo is SEO audit tool, which helps to find hidden SEO issues with negative impacts on large websites, enabling filtering data in a cloud without exporting data. Our goal was re-creation of existing app in newer tech stack.

Spring stack | Microservices | Elasticsearch


Featherclick is a micropayment platform that allows people to transfer less than $1 amounts, to anyone in the world. Our mission was to bring fresh UI/UX ideas and make it real in web app.

React stack


For Narrative we have programmed a blazing-fast website together with an order form which briefs the client through the complete project.

React | Gatsby | Netlify CMS


33aplus is a czech company which teaches machines how to think, using unique algorithms. Our part of work was making backend solution for this task.

Akka | Lagom | Cassandra | Kubernetes

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